“Your pool is our passion. Let us make it sparkle!”

We are a Dallas-based home pool services company. Focused on our customer and services, transparent pricing, and quality services. Proud to be a locally owned and operated company that strives to offer the best Pool Weekly services to the residents of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area.

We are focused on our services such as:


All Replace

Expert in the mechanical maintenance of swimming pools, we change any type of spare part.


Plumbing Repair

Our technicians are experienced and qualified, and we use only the highest quality parts and materials.



Preventative maintenance can save you money and headaches by keeping your pumps running at peak performance.


Filter/Filter Cleaning

Let us keep your pool filter running smoothly and efficiently.


Motor and Parts

From the engine we are responsible for protecting and caring for its long-term operation.


Leak Detection

You have an incident in your pool, in record time we managed to solve it.


Quality Cleaning

The hygiene of a pool is vital for its use, it prevents skin diseases and others by keeping your pool impeccable.


Pool Remodeling

Let’s transform your pool into your dream oasis, you deserve it.





Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being the best, and we want to build trust and respect with our clients and community while bringing pool services into the 21st century. We deliver excellent customer service, which is only matched by our “above and beyond” Pool Services Standards.

What does “above and beyond” mean? It means we spend extra time doing Our Pool Services thoroughly, paying attention to detail, using the right chemicals,  equipment, Products and Techniques. Followed by exceptional customer service via multiple channels of communication for our customer,   We offer an exceptional blowing service around your pool to give more value to our service.


The Pool Boy Services LLC will continue in helping define what it really means to have a Spotless, Happy and Beautiful Swimming Pool, to keep your pool water blue, clear and healthy, simply maintain proper water level, run the pool equipment, and notify us of any issues.
We love Excellence.

Why Choose The Pool Boy Services LLC ?

When we set out on the journey of creating The Pool Boy Services LLC, our vision was to establish a reputable Pool service that would be highly preferred by our family and friends. We aimed to go beyond the ordinary and redefine the standards of a Great Pool service Dallas residents can trust. To achieve this, Our Pool Services professionals are not only trained, but background-checked, bonded, and insured, so you can take comfort in knowing that our residential cleaning services are carried out by the best.

Customer satisfaction

We want and will do everything possible so that our customers are happy and confident at all times in our work delivered in each visit we make to their homes. We will take care of the quality of the water by adding the appropriate chemicals and maintaining an optimal water balance that is safe for the kids and swimmers, on the other hand we will take care of the equipment, keeping customers informed of any damage we see.


It is our duty to maintain a safe place free of any situation that puts the safety of our swimmers and employees at risk, such as communicating every detail that we observe in the area since we arrived at the area, parking our reversing vehicles, communicating by phone, text/call. each visit that we will be at your property that day, making sure that your pets are inside, keeping your doors closed at all times that we are and leave the place of the property we will communicate by sms our weekly report.


Is something that our former clients have seen and our future clients will see during each service. It is something that has characterized us since our beginning, maintaining a competitive service standard in the market. We are 100% aware that our clients are more demanding every day, so Which one would you prefer to the best?


Maintaining transparency in our services is something very important in our company for our clients, we will give competitive estimates with the current market where each client is free to compare them with others and be free to take the one that best suits them.

When providing pool repairs and equipment installations in DFW, we use only supplies and parts from top pool companies.
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